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Walsh Contracting Te Anau Limited White Truck side on angle with controlled booms doing a sprayout Walsh Contracting Te Anau Limited White Truck front on perspective with controlled booms doing a sprayout


For all your agricultural spraying requirements we have you covered. We are able to assist you with spray outs, weed control, insecticides and liquid nitrogen application.

We are currently running two modern land cruisers equipped with the latest technology in GPS Guidance and auto section controlled booms. The use of GPS guidance allows us to apply the agri-chemicals at a controlled rate depending on the speed of our vehicles with auto sectional shut off and ultimately minimises chemical wastage and double application. Additionally, the wide span of the booms means minimal crop disruption.

We also run Tracmap for job records and proof of placement. Tracmap aids our operators to be as efficient as they can be while providing quality records for both ourselves and landowner. All our staff are highly trained and have all the appropriate certificates and licences. Kane has successfully completed and is a Registered Growsafe Chemical Applicator.

Ballance Fertiliser truck delivering to a farm

Liquid N

We use a Ballance product known as N-Rich liquid. N-Rich liquid is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer that provides a convenient way to apply nitrogen to crops or pasture. Produced by dissolving solid urea in water, used correctly Liquid N is a versatile product that provides uniform coverage.

  • Use post grazing to boost pasture growth, it can be applied with Progibb SG.
  • Apply to high value pastures to help grow more dry matter to ensure sufficient feed is available, pre lambing etc.
  • Apply to pastures that are being shut up for conserved feed.
  • Using Liquid N reduces ammonia loss through volitisation. When urea is applied in solid form, there is a sharp increase in PH around the urea granules. This drives the conversion of urea to ammonia and promotes loss of Nitrogen through volitisation.
  • Applying as a liquid results in more even distribution of nutrients, this in turn aids plant utilization.
  • Certain other products can be mixed with it as part of your spray programme.
ProGibb plant growth regulator logo along with a closeup of some lush clover

ProGibb SG

ProGibb SG is a foliar spray that stimulates production of dry matter under rotational grazing when cool soil temperatures limit pasture growth rates. ProGibb SG contains gibberellins which naturally occur in most plants and stimulate growth. Applying Progibb when the pastures natural gibberellin levels are very low, stimulates a rapid growth response.

Appling ProGibb SG means that the plant grows larger, faster at a time that pastures are generally depleted. Used in the horticultural industry to improve yield and quality of fruit crops, it also is used in agricultural settings to increase animal feed when needed most.

  • Provides a rapid increase in pasture growth, taking the pressure off winter feeding.
  • Boost pasture dry matter yield in rye grass and clover pastures by 30-60% within 3 weeks of application.
  • Normally applied in Autumn or Spring.
Tractor pulling direct drilling equipment at Te Anau Rugby Club field Tractor pulling direct drilling equipment at Te Anau Rugby Club field

Direct Drilling

Walsh Contracting Te Anau Ltd are available for all your pasture and crop sowing requirements. We run an Allen Custom Direct Drill with a HIAB crane rated for lifting ½ Tonne bags and equipped with the latest seeding technology to accurately sow your crops at the desired rate. With several bins available, there are many options to what we can sow in one pass. Seed/fertiliser and bait options available also.

The Allen drill is a very robust and versatile machine for the often challenging Te Anau basin terrain. We can sow in both cultivated and uncultivated ground. This machine also offers Tracmap for your job records and proof of placement. We also run autosteer in the tractor to avoid wastage through overlaps and headlands. All operators are highly trained in the operation of this machine.

Call us today to see how we can help maximise your crop yields with direct drilling!

Red tractor in a paddock pulling blue Grizzly discs across the soil


We also offer cultivation services in the way of Discing. We run a set of offset Grizzly Discs. These are heavy discs capable of turning over ground fresh out of pasture, or opening up after a winter crop.

They are very versatile performing a quality job from first cut to final cut pre-sowing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you require other agricultural cultivation requirements such as ploughing, roller drilling, discing, balage & hay, we work in with our family Steve & Kerri James who run Steve James Contracting. We can cover all of your Spraying, Cultivation, Hay & Balage requirements incorporated into a seemless punctual operation that is very advantageous with timing, ensuring the best outcome for farmers.

John Deere tractor with a load of fence posts on the forks Farm yards built by Walsh Contracting Te Anau Limited


We can help with all your agricultural fencing requirements, including:

  • Wire Fences
  • Timber Fences
  • Retaining Walls
  • Stock Yards
  • Sheds
  • And More...

We have the equipment to get your fencing work done efficiently and in a timely manner. Our team is dedicated to getting top quality results in all of their tasks.

Walsh Contracting Te Anau Ltd

Call in the experts and get the job done right. Contact us for a quote and start maximising your yields today!

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