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At Walsh Contracting we are fully committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. All staff are trained and have the necessary licences and certificates to complete their work to a high standard. We have created a strong health & safety culture within our business to ensure the best outcomes for our staff and clients.

  • Hazardco Health & Safety system

    All our staff are inducted through our Hazardco Health & Safety system, with regular meetings to keep all staff current and up to date.

  • Standard Operating Procedures

    There are standard operating procedures for all machinery and workshop machines. All machinery maintenance is electronically recorded online and is available to staff on their mobile devices.

First Aid Trained

All our staff are First Aid Trained through a nationally accredited First Aid training organisation.

Relevant licences and certificates

All our staff hold the relevant licences and certificates, ensuring that all our work is completed to a high standard.

Personal locator beacons

All our staff have a personal locator beacon (PLB) worn on their belts at all times as an extra safety measure for themselves and those working around them.

Wear Hi Visibility logoed clothing

We wear Hi Visibility logoed clothing and the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task at hand.

Registered Growsafe Chemical Applicator

Kane has successfully completed and is a Registered Chemical Applicator. This is a personal accreditation held by the individual. The application of agrichemicals has to be carried out in a competent and professional manner to ensure the enhancement of the crop and the safety of the operator, the environment and the public.

Growsafe Registered Chemical Applicator logo

Technology in Action: TracMap

At Walsh Contracting we want to provide the best quality service possible for our clients and we use TracMap to help optimise our efficiency while out on the job. Time is of the essence and we want to ensure that we have the latest technologies at our fingertips to help us to complete jobs in a timely and precise manner.

What is TracMap?

TracMap utilises an in-cab GPS system for our vehicle operators to accurately track the job on hand. This then connects to TracMap's job management system which collates mapping information along with job details so both contractor and client can access the details of each job.

TracMap in action

TracMap allows the customer to order jobs and send through directly to the drivers. It gives the driver all the information they require, including mapping, hazards etc, and allows job details such as time, chemicals, rates etc to be logged accurately.

Better Outcomes

TracMap allows high level communication between contractor, clients and the drivers on the ground to accurately relay information and record job details. This ensures that each job is done as efficiently as possible, saving time & money.

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